Made in Texas: Flavors only found in Austin

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Everything is bigger in Texas, and the flavors are no exception. A boom of culinary creativity continues to sweep over Austin, making it the go-to city in the southwest to feast on an entire world of cuisines, all with a Texas twist.

Keeping Austin weird, is an ever-growing roster of specialized seasonal restaurants, like chef Kevin Fink’s Emmer & Rye, which vends an ever-changing menu of local delights, supplemented with small plates pushed through the restaurant on dim sum-style carts.

Hot brekfast tacos
— Melissa Kravitz

The owner of one of Austin's most beloved taco places still shakes hands with everyone who comes through the door

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— Sydney Kramer

A Guide to Austin's Finest Hangover Cures

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Can you die from a hangover? No, but the morning after a night of drinking is always the worst. The headaches, the stomachaches, the lack of hydration. Food is the best remedy for the day-after hangover, and Austin is full of tried and true antidotes. The cures span from burgers, biscuits and gravy, migas, enchiladas, and, as always, breakfast tacos.

Biscuits and gravy from Biscuits + Groovy
— Nadia Chaudhury

27 Vital Breakfast Spots to Jumpstart Your Day in Austin

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Breakfast is the first meal and perhaps the best meal of the day, and Austin has it down pat. The city’s morning array includes breakfast tacos, pancakes, plates of migas, sausages, biscuits, and so much more.

Here are Austin’s best breakfast restaurants, which means diner classics like Texas French Bread, hearty offerings from Magnolia Cafe, Tex-Mex findings from Mi Madre’s, morning sandwiches from Paperboy, bagels from Nervous Charlie’s, quiches from Upper Crust Bakery, barbecue breakfast tacos from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, and much more.

A sunny-side fried egg with a sprig of a green herb and dots of sauce on top of a croissant slice.
— Nadia Chaudhury

22 Essential Restaurants for Affordable Dining in Austin

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Austin has so many great dining options that it’s easy to end up spending a lot of money while eating out. Sometimes, you need to take it easier on your wallet, and that's where Eater's guide to the best affordable eats found in the city comes in to help.

A cheeseburger.
— Erin Russell and Nadia Chaudhury

Juan in a Million remains an Austin classic

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In New Austin, that simplicity and care is getting harder and harder to come by. Substitutes are plenty, and while they may get all the ingredients right, there's something the supplanters have just never been able to figure out. Maybe it's the fact many of them cannot figure out how to cook a tortilla properly? (Over an open flame or on the comal, for Grandma's sake!) More than that, what's missing is the warmth and personal touch of our first-ever Thrilla in the Tortilla champion, Juan in a Million.

Tortilla topped with pork and shredded cheese

The 50 best tacos in America, ranked

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Start your morning off on the right foot with a breakfast taco from Juan in a Million. Foursquare users exalt the Don Juan: Brimming with potato, egg, cheese, and bacon, it's the perfect mix of protein and flavor to keep you full — and happy — all day.

Tortilla topped with shredded cheese
— Emmie Martin

12 Awesome Foodie Cities That Aren't New York or San Francisco

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There are three things that come to mind when you mention Austin: music, miserable traffic jams and Tex-Mex. The latter of the three has become a trademark of the Texas capital, which has exploded into a foodie destination within the past few years as its population has soared.

There aren't a lot of cities where you can eat Tex-Mex for all three meals. So, if you want to try it: Start at Juan in a Million and forklift their Don Juan Taco, a hulking pound of bacon, potato, egg and cheese over a bed of tortillas for just $5.

Beets and Tortilla
— Candace Lowry

40 of the best boozy brunch deals in Austin

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Everyone knows that Austinites love brunch as much as we love breakfast tacos and Topo Chico. We also have been known to enjoy a drink or two, so we’ve compiled 40 of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy a few drinks with your morning (or afternoon) meal on the cheap, according to hood. Did we miss a favorite spot of yours? Let us know in the comments...

A plate with cured meats, hash brown, sour cream, bread, deviled egg and pico de gallo
— Thrillist Editorial

Great Ideas

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WHY Started back in 1981 by two schoolteachers ("She waited tables and he did the dishes," Richman says), this family-run joint serving traditional Mexican food on Cesar Chavez Street boasts "the best, cheapest meals" in the city. "The breakfast tacos: Wow! And the guacamole is amazing."

— People Staff