juan in a million

About us

Juan in a Million has been serving Mexican breakfast and lunch in East Austin since 1980. Opened by two school teachers, Juan and Myrna Meza, the restaurant values its homemade recipes and welcomes everyone like family. Juan still shakes hands with everyone who walks through the doors.

School teachers Juan and Myrna Meza took a chance on their dream and opened Juan in a Million in July 1980 in East Austin. Thirty-seven years later, Juan in a Million remains a true family business with son Juan Jr managing day-to-day operations and daughter Christina managing media relations.

Even the Meza grandkids pitch in to welcome and serve customers. Together the family continues to serve original, homemade recipes with a smile and hearty handshake. Classics like enchiladas, Menudo, and huevos rancheros are made with Abuelita in mind, and breakfast is served all day. Customer favorites include the Migas plate, Con Queso Breakfast, and the famous Don Juan Taco! We’ve been serving the Don Juan Taco – a heaping plate of bacon, potatoes, eggs, and cheese on a warm tortilla – since we opened our doors over 36 years ago.

It’s the most popular item on our menu thanks to college students looking for a filling meal at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Some customers even assert that the Don Juan Taco is big enough to feed a family of four. There’s an ongoing contest amongst customers to see who can eat the most Don Juan Tacos in one sitting. The current record is nine tacos for the Men’s category, five for Women’s (completed in 51 minutes and 43 seconds!!), and four for Celebrity (attempted by Adam Richman on Man v Food).

At Juan in a Million, we strive to provide the best customer service, with great food and great prices. We've been fortunate to be recognized with awards for Best Breakfast Tacos and Best Restauranteur Handshake over the years. The food is simple and homemade. No tricks, nothing fancy. We are proud of our Eastside roots and value the community that helped shape who we are today. We have a passion for education and are committed to giving back through our annual Hole in Juan Golf Tournament.

Meet Our Team

Maria Garcia headshot

Maria Garcia
Executive Chef
Since 1988

Maria del Carmen Guerrero headshot

Maria del Carmen Guerrero
Head Chef
Since 2000

Elia Montoya headshot

Elia Montoya
Head Waitress
Since 1994

Maura Saucedo headshot

Maura Saudeco
Head Service Operation
Since 1997

Christina Kim headshot

Christina Kim
Media Relations
Since 2013

Liz Murrieta headshot

Liz Murrieta
Executive Office
Since 2010

Leslie Lopez headshot

Leslie Lopez
Cashier & Manager
Since 2011

Cecilia Meza headshot

Cecilia Meza
Since 2015

Melchor Flores headshot

Melchor Flores
Kitchen Operations
Since 2021

Christina Gallardo headshot

Christina Gallardo
Kitchen Operations
Since 2018

Margarita Jaimes headshot

Margarita Jaimes
Senior Chef
Since 2007

Juan Meza Jr. headshot

Juan Meza Jr.
General Manager
Since 1992

Dayana Solis headshot

Dayana Solis
Since 2018

Arturo Lopez headshot

Arturo Lopez
Since 2019

Luz Domingue headshot

Luz Dominguez
Kitchen Operations
Since 2006

Leslie Perales headshot

Leslie Perales
Since 2021

Fernando Ventura headshot

Fernando Ventura
Since 2006

Alejandra Cruz headshot

Alejandra Cruz
Since 2006